KH Online Group Programmes

A range of free and paid programmes providing practical tips and solutions to everyday challenges. Drawn from the most up-to-date findings in mind & body sciences, the knowledge and insights you gain can be applied simply and effectively to your own unique circumstances.

These programmes will help create a sense of community for those who appreciate learning alongside others, or standalone insights for those who want to learn independently and at their own pace.

FREE 5-Day KH Wellbeing Challenges

Boost your mood & energy to help cope with seasonal challenges by taking part in one of our live, interactive 5-day challenges.

By the end of a 5-day challenge you will:

  • notice an improvement in your overall mood and energy levels
  • have started to form a new habit, or habits, that will help build your confidence
  • know why curiousity is good for your overall health and emotional wellbeing
  • have made connections that might go on to prove part of a fresh start


FREE 1-hour KH Taster Sessions

Join in with these regular 1-hour sessions for a better understanding of how Kintsugi Healing can help you or your team.

By the end of the session you will:

3-Week Intensive KH Insights Programme

Begin the process of change during this intensive programme by gaining insight into how we can apply traditional and contemporary mind & body sciences within our own unique lives and situations

  • insight into how we can retrain the neurology of our brains to work more

6-Week KH Recovery & Transformation Programme

Begin your unique journey of recovery / learn how you can transform your experience